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A Media All About Black Hair! A Hair Vendor Focus On Raw Hair!

Hair Growth Oil and Conditioner

Women with black hair struggle a lot with hair growth and just finding the hair growth oil to use on their hair. Their hair is prone to shrinkage, breakage and other factors that hinder hair growth generally. …


Did you know that not all afro hair is the same? Depending on the look, feel and texture, there are various groups your hair type can fall into. Afros are a great way of making life difficult but absolutely beautiful. Afro hair types have a different kind…

So Far, There is haven’t an Industry Standard in the Hair Industry, A Standard to named all kind of grade hair, A Standard to mark hair origin for each PCS of hair, A Standard to make sure that consumers will not spend a lot of money but buy poor-quality hair…

Chiuin Hair Talk Media

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